Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July and other updates

Last week wound down nicely after a crazy beginning.

Thursday became a day off from training. We worked on the house. Friday I trained at lunch and we worked on the house some more. Saturday I rode an interval ride and followed it up with an interval run. We also painted quite a bit on Saturday. On Sunday we painted some more and swam at Bartlett Lake for an hour or so.

We also had the opportunity to hang out with some of our rock climbing gang from years passed. Saturday evening was fun to catch up with some awesome people that we hardly see anymore. Funny enough, several of that crew have become cyclists, runners and even full-on triathletes.

Yesterday I had a media session with Arizona Pain Specialists. I took my medals and some photos. They also shot some video. They intend to use me as one of their success stories. Back in April and May of 2011 I used them to help me get past a nagging knee injury. Dr. McJunkin applied a steroid injection in my left knee on two different days ... and the second one seems to have done the trick. We'll see what happens. When I get some links I will post them out to get everyone's feedback.

Yesterday was a good training day too. I did a mini brick early - an 20 minute and 8 mile ride with high intensity followed by a 1 mile run at a 6:40 pace. I can now run a sub 6 mile pretty easy without a bike session in front of it. I can't get that output after a bike session - but a 6:40 pace after an intense bike session is better than I have done in the past. I will take it. Progress is fun. I am now just competing against myself. It's mentally healthier that way.

Last night we did spin class. It was the typical sweatfest but I worked a little more consistently than normal under the load. I paid the for work during Yoga. I was TOAST. I just used it to stretch my hips and calves ... it was still awesome. We also did more core work than normal and I liked that.

At lunch today I swam a quick 800m and ran a 5K. I am getting more efficient with training during lunch. Yes, I actually got all this in very close to an hour total. Tonight we are doing spin and Yoga again. That combination is amazing to me. I have used Yoga breathing techniques in several races ... and it helps tremendously.

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Someone smarter than me said:

"Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice."



  1. You're really making some serious progress. 6:40 mile off the bike, awesome! By the way, your steroid shot story came at the right time for me. Had my left heel injected yesterday. I hope to knock out this nagging problem and get back to serious training!

    Happy 4th, love the quote!

  2. Sorry I missed the get-together for Tim's birthday. We had to return on the 29th for work.
    I'm so impressed by all you're doing, Bryan! Happy Fourth!