Monday, July 16, 2012

Anniversary in Hawaii

July 11th 1993 - Our first date.

July 11th 1997 - Our wedding day. We eloped. Gatlinburg, TN.

July 11th 2012 - Our 15 year anniversary. We were in Hawaii on our "delayed honeymoon".

We waited a long time to have a REAL honeymoon. It paid off! We spent seven awesome days on "The big island" of Hawaii.

Day One: We walked around our resort in amazement at the size and splendor of such an establishment. We also caught a sweet sunset.

Day Two: We drove down to Volcano, HI. We saw Kilauea. Scratch that. We walked on the caldera! We hiked all over Volcanoes National Park. It was impressive.

Day Three: We snorkeled at Two-Step and Hapuna Beach. Impressive stuff. We also did the Luau at the Hotel. Fun stuff.

Day Four: The anniversary. We hiked at Pololu and Waipio. Both hikes were steep. Great views. We ate at Bamboo Grille in Hawi, HI.

Day Five: Water day! We swam (distance) in the pool and snorkeled at A-Bay about a mile down from the resort.

Day Six: Hilo, HI and Waimea. We hiked. We saw Akaka Falls. We hiked some more. We explored Hilo and ate some awesome Sushi. We capped off the day with a hike and educational tour of Mauna Kea and the telescopes on the summit.

Day Seven: We toured all around Kona. We saw the start/finish line for the Ironman. We ate some good food. Then we hopped on a puddle jumper and flew to the airport in Maui and then grabbed the big jet and flew home overnight.

Us at Waipio. Great steep hike. (See below)

Bryonman at the Ironman start/finish like in Kona.


  1. Liz said she saw on facebook that you two were in Hawaii for the anniversary. I had $10 that you were at the big island and going to visit Kona. Looks like fun. We'll probably go to Kauai next year.

    1. Winner winner - chicken dinner. Big Island is great fun. Kauai is on our list too.