Friday, July 20, 2012

70.3 Mentality

I am a speed junky. I always have been and at 38 years old I suspect this speed thing is just part of my core values. Want proof? I love the takeoff on an airplane so much that it often relaxes me at puts me to sleep. I'm strange. You knew that already. Where am I going with this?

I need to get my longer rides in and just have them be in L1 and L2. I recently did a 55 miler where I accidentally averaged about 21mph. For an average age group athlete or casual cyclist to go out ALONE and average above 20mph is a good day -- I don't care who you are. I have never done that on this particular route. It has about 1500 feet of climbing, so it is not flat by any means. In fact, my previous fastest average on this loop was about 17mph. I know I should be seeing improvement in my speeds, but I don't think they should be jumping this much in a two or three month window during LESSER training volume. There are tons of variables to consider in this ... but one fact remains. 13.1 is not a pleasant experience if you hammer too hard on the 56 mile bike during the 70.3.

I've logged about 100 miles on the bike this week and will add more tomorrow and Sunday. I've also had two good 1 mile swims this week. I am working much more efficiently in the water. I am STILL NOT FAST but I will hold my own. I'll trade a little speed in the water for some extra power for the bike and run.

We dropped cable about two years ago. We have Netflix. I must admit that Breaking Bad is a clever show. I enjoy it. I am not in support of the premise (making meth) but it does give the public a glimpse of what it must be like to get sucked in to a life of crime.


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  1. nice training! well done keep it up - love the updates as you work toward IMAZ
    BB is a great show - loved it on the trainer this winter