Monday, June 25, 2012

Solid weekend

Friday afternoon was interesting. I came home from work to find a mini pond in my back yard. I was tempted to grab a cane pole and see if I could fish out a trout or a scorpion. One of the sprinkler heads had popped off. Luckily, I had one more replacement head in the shed. Note to self: replace the parts I have used on the sprinkler system in the inventory.

Saturday I woke way too early. Rather than catch up on classroom work or making a bunch of noise in the house - I headed out for a bike ride.

What started as a mild ride to make some bike adjustments and get used to my new aerobars - turned into an interval workout with some good speed and intensity. My bike is all out of whack. I have not had a full tune in well over 1000 miles. Nonetheless, I repeated my LT Bike test from December 2011. I was almost 1mph faster on average and got in over 12 miles in 30 minutes. Then I headed over to climb Hummingbird. It is a short but steep climb. On the way back I ran into the Freeloaders group. I rode with them through part of my LT test course again ... wiped out ... I headed home.

We then worked around the house most of the day - getting shed of some recyclables and stacking more items into our "donate" pile. We are getting there. We want to be minimalists. We will arrive. It will just stake time.

Sunday brought hot weather, a little sunburn and high-quality training. We swam at Bartlett Lake for 1hr and 9 minutes. It amounted to 3200m. After a lunch, we headed out on the bikes at 4pm - the hottest part of the Arizona day. We bagged a little over 50 miles battling the heat and a headwind for most of the afternoon.

All systems are go. It will be nice to have a couple of Yoga sessions this week after a solid training week last week. In fact, last week was the best training I have had since before St. George. Now I just need to keep the momentum and manage the time. Quality over quantity.

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