Monday, June 18, 2012

June weddings

So my brother is now a married man. I am proud of him and his new wife. Her family members are very welcoming and down-to-earth.

We spent five days in Louisville. We walked around quite a bit. We did swim and run some too.

We took advantage of the family time. Weddings of this type do not come along too often. It was elegant but not stuffy. It made for a long day overall - but in the bites it was presented, none of it was unenjoyable. I liked that I could see Brandon and Kris' personality throughout the ceremony. I do not think much of the planning was thrust upon them. I think they planned most of it.

The other groomsmen and I took Brandon to St. Louis for a steak dinner at Carmine's and then a Cardinals baseball game. It was fun. While we were there - four of us went up in the St Louis Arch. I had not been up there since I was a little kid. It was cool, but not as awestriking as it once was. I am more impressed with the project engineering as a whole than the tourist trap it has become.

So we spent last week slowing things down a bit after a fairly heavy week of training and racing the week prior. Now it is time to glide back into the routine for a few weeks before the next adventure.

Happy wedding to Brandon and Kristin. Thanks for including us!

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