Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gifts of all kinds

The concept of a gift makes me smile.

We exchange gifts on special occasions. Sadly, we stress out over getting someone the correct item. The "gifting" industry is a multi-billion dollar one for sure. Entire companies exist due to the concept of gifting (Hallmark, I am looking at you.) These are not the gifts I have been thinking about today.

Every person has multiple gifts in their life. We see the expression of gifts because the person holding them allows them to be on display. I was pondering my swim. I was feeling inferior to the faster swimmers. I analyzed the situation and here it is - as it relates to me.

Am I a gifted swimmer? Sure - if I look at it in the correct view. I literally could not swim 100 meters in May of 2011. Today I swam 1600 meters continuously today just during my lunch break. I am certainly not as fast as most people in the water - but in fairness I have learned a life skill that far exceeds racing in triathlons. This new life skill MAY have kept me afloat during the Ironman wind storm.

Am I a gifted cyclist? Sure - I am not the fastest guy around - but I hold my own. I have always loved the bike and I am not afraid to see where the next level begins.

Am I a gifted runner? Why not? I have endurance. I am SLOW in a sprint - but I can go at a decent clip for a good long while nowadays. I suppose I have always enjoyed running. I have only recently began to really enjoy it.

The external gifts of which I am most proud are my wife, my family, my real friends and my dog. These gifts make the whole thing possible.

The internal gift of which I am most proud is my work ethic. Without my work ethic none of this exercise stuff would be possible. A strong work ethic is a gift and it can be shared with those around you. When everyone else is tired I sometimes manage to keep going. When others will give up completely, I stick it out and see it through to completion. It may not always be a beautiful oil-based work of art ready for a museum but the task gets done and there are benefits from that effort.

So as I roll into the final race weekend for about 8 weeks I have yet another perspective on life. Use the gifts as they are presented. Do not neglect them. Do not take them for granted.

This Payson, AZ sprint triathlon will be special. It is a small and generally low-key race that I have not yet done. I've been to Payson only a few times. It is a nice town.

500 meter swim
15 mile bike (hills)
3.1 mile run (hills)


  1. for sure do not take them for granted... well said

    it is a GIFT to be able to train and race!!!