Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fixing some things - returning to earlier experiments

I now completely understand why people get enthralled with endurance and fitness. I suppose that is a good thing to understand. I just need to temper the fascination. I am working on it.

Health-wise, I feel much better than I have since probably January. I didn't feel BAD during the other months, but I just feel stronger and more capable now than I did earlier in the year. I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure out what I changed to make myself feel better. Forgive me for thinking aloud. Here are some things I changed that I would consider potential game-changers.

1) Went back to mostly meat and veggies.
2) Cut back on almonds, cashews and walnuts.
3) Cut way back on sugars.
4) Cut out the wheat completely. (I was experimenting with adding back grains.)
5) Cut out all the super vitamin intake. Actually haven't taken a vitamin since 5/3.
6) Started wearing a nose clip during my swim training.
7) Added back some fun cheats like diet soda (keeps me from eating other garbage).
8) Changed to Hammer Gel for workout/race fuel. (It has much cleaner ingredients).
9) Drinking a little more water.
10)Getting a little more rest.
11) More spin class sessions.
12) More consistent Yoga.
13) Saying bye-bye to fruit (as much as that seems odd and sucks.)

I am not sure which of these had the largest effect. I think the nose clip for swimming was a big deal for my itchy eyes and constant sinus problems. Being able to get a full breath during a race is a GREAT thing. Looking back at the MaRquee Olympic Triathlon in April - I now believe that my sinuses cost me about 8 minutes during that race. I could NOT get enough oxygen. I was on antibiotics for a month prior to and DURING that race. All I can remember from that race is not being able to breathe deeply during the bike and run.

Was I taking in TOO MANY VITAMINS? What is the right amount? Do I need them? Does anyone need them? I read so much conflicting information. I do think I tend to get deficient on certain vitamins IF I am not eating enough veggies.

Everyday I train I learn something. Yesterday I had very little "go" in spin class as far as mashing for high intensity. So I sat and endured the spin session with a high cadence. During Yoga class I found a new level with a few poses. I love progress. I think that is why I am enjoying myself so much.

I think back to February of 2011 quite a bit. I think about my mindset. I think about how determined I was to change the path I was on from a health perspective. While I have not quite achieved all those original goals - I have achieved other things that I initially did not set out to do. I think back to my first three races and I remember how much pain I had in my knees. I was determined to find a solution and get past it. I am honored to have a support system for my endeavors. I used to try and do the "fitness" thing on my own. It just won't happen without support. That said - my support system cannot MAKE me do the work.

So over the next month or so I am going to take my new / old views and try and draw a larger picture. I need to start planning what life will look like next year, five years or 50 years down the road. I think I get bogged down in the details sometimes which can make certain tasks VERY pleasing to accomplish. Lately, I have been asking "But what does that mean in the grand scheme of things?"

Until next time -

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  1. Excellent post! I agree. I used to take a ton of vitamins. Now I take Juice Plus and Optygen HP. That's it:)