Friday, June 22, 2012

Finding rest during motivation phases

The ebb and flow of life is interesting. So I am in a motivated phase right now and I am wearing myself out a bit. On one hand, I think that means I am having great QUALITY workouts. On the other hand, I fear that the QUANTITY of these workouts is wearing me down. It also seems to be messing with my system. It's hot in Phoenix, but I have been burning up lately. It's so uncomfortable. Is this male menopause?

Earlier in the journey I said that after St. George that I was going to experiment with dietary changes. I have been doing that. None of the things I have tried have wowed me. Some of them are just plain wrong for me (fruit, I am looking at you.). Some of my better performances to date have been fueled by salad, sweet potatoes and hard boiled eggs. I have also dropped most of the vitamins I was taking prior to St George to give my system a break from what felt like "overload" at times. I am going to need to land on a decision within the next month or so to have time to readjust prior to the fall racing season. I am going to implement a 1 gallon of water per day rule starting now. Dehydration is the enemy - not just for those of us that are desert dwellers.

It will be nice to just be around the house this weekend. There will be training and housework. Time to resume some project work around the house to finish up the sprucing.

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  1. send some of that motivation my way! 3 workouts this week whoops I took the word recovery a little too serious. Good call on the experimentation