Monday, June 4, 2012

Chino Valley Sprint Tri

It was fun to be RACING again. My last "race" was adjusted a bit and turned into a training day.

300m swim - 6:17
22 mile bike - (includes both T1 and T2) - 1:05:15
3.1 mile run - 22:55 (it was posted as a 2 mile run on the web site and registration - but that was not the case)

Total - 1:34:26

6th Overall and 1st in 35-39

Chino Valley is 10 miles north of Prescott, AZ. It is a nice small town with great scenery and a good pool facility to house this event. The altitude is 5100 feet. We live at 1,300 feet in Phoenix. I usually do not feel the altitude until I get to 10,000 feet but yesterday was different. I felt it early and often during the race. Working to pace my breathing was another thing to add to the list of things to "mentally manage".

The swim: 10 months ago I did this swim in 7:15. It was - at that point - one of my better swims. Yesterday I swam "okay" and still managed to improve almost a minute in 300m over a 10 month span. Improvement is fun. There is still work to do. I'll figure it out. Sans triathlon competition, I can work on the swim for a long time yet. I do enjoy it.

The bike: I wish my Garmin hadn't fried last week so that I could post the elevation chart for this bike. It's fairly hilly and the roads are less than smooth. It's not St George hilly, but it is higher altitude. I crashed on the course last year. It was a minor crash, but my bike was disabled so I could not finish. This year a friend, fellow St George participant and fast dude Adam Folts crashed near the exact spot I did - causing him some massive road rash. His left side (especially his lat) did not have much skin left as he went to accept his second place OVERALL plaque. Yes, he had the fastest run split of the day AFTER the bike crash.

The run: I have been working on speed since the Ironman. I need to work more. Altitude or not, there were holes in my approach. I had to goad myself during the run to keep a hard pace. I usually don't have to have that mental discussion.

Overall - I am pleased. 6th out of 45 dudes that started this race. 1st in my age group by quite a time gap. I conquered the only true DNF of my short triathlon career and won a Fuel Belt running belt as a door prize.

This week: Work, house work, walk, yoga, lift weights, swim, bike, run, eat, sleep - repeat.


  1. Good race! In my experience, 4 weeks after an ironman you're still recovering somewhat, and you feel it especially on the run. That said, I think your result is excellent!

  2. excellent race way to go! You just crushed the bike and also excellent run - good race all the way around!
    love the lineup this week I need more yoga....and more sleep. But less eat