Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amped and Ramped

This is Wednesday, right?

Yes. It is. I just checked my phone. Where does the time go?

So I resumed two-a-day workouts this week and fitness-wise I can tell a big difference. Fatigue? Yeah, that is there too. On Monday I swam and ran at lunch. After work we did spin class and yoga. Yesterday I swam at lunch and after work we lifted weights, did spin class and yoga. Today I ran and swam at lunch. We are doing spin class and swimming after work.

I experimented with a pre-race workout arrangement last week. The race was on Sunday - so I took a day off on Friday and then trained on Saturday. I believe it led to a bit of fatigue for me at the race. This week I will be racing on Saturday so I will take an off day on Friday.

I have many friends racing on the 8th and 9th - so here is to everyone going out, having fun, racing hard and being healthy.


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