Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Where have you been?"

"Bryonman, where art thou?"

I have been training.

I took one day off after my first 140.6 day. I then resumed working out. Granted, I lifted weights and walked for the first week, but I did a whole heap of that.

Since then I have managed several speed workouts, two nice speedy brick workouts and one long open water swim. My run pace is coming back and I might have actually gained a little speed on the bike.

I have also been catching up on home improvement projects, working, teaching classes, planning my fall race calendar and motivating others around me to get up and do something.

What is up for the fall? Check out the reformatted My Races page.

I will write more in a few days. I just wanted to post an update. All is well. Super motivated.


  1. You have motivated me once again. After gaining, losing a little, gaining, I'm losing once again. Down 8 lbs. Working out with a PT at the office at 6 am 3 days per week. I don't have your discipline to do it on my own. Going to Weight Watchers meetings. I hope to look fit at Brandon's wedding. You really do keep me motivated. Heading to Mullins lane to get baby. Peace - H

    1. Heather -

      I will help. You know I will.

      You need to do this ... work on finding an intrinsic motivator. It can be tough to find - but I promise you it's there. People can support, love, encourage - but none of that was a REAL solution until I found an something within myself to change the attitude toward health. You change the attitude - the behaviors will follow.

      You WILL do it.


    nice lookin schedulke
    IM in Nov !!! niiiiiiiiiiice (actually Im jealous but Ill get over it with a Long Run in Central Park on 11/3:)

  3. Use it or lose it indeed DRog! - NYC will be a great day for you. Keep going brother!

  4. Great to see you back on track so quickly. This ironman has not resulted in the usual post ironman doldrums. The excitement of completing the toughest ironman ever just seems to be motivating me even more. Love your schedule. Sprints and olympic distance are fun in the post ironman setting. Keep up the good work!