Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major house progress - training notes

Aside from some training over the weekend (walking and cycling) we mostly churned out work on the house.

To recap our progression on the remodeling job:

February 27th - signed the papers.

March 10th - removed popcorn ceiling and refinished throughout home.

March 20th - removed carpet in two bedrooms and repaired and painted walls.

March 25th - replaced missing carpet with bamboo floors

April - removed dropped soffitts to raise ceiling by 14 inches in the kitchen and entry way.
- removed dividing wall between kitchen and dining room to open up the whole great room.
- relocated and rebuilt the coat closet in the entry to make the entry way larger.
- reworked ALL of the duct work for the HVAC and added a second air return to increase efficiency.
- added a new pantry, a double upper and double lower cabinet to increase the size and space in the kitchen.
- added new pendant lights over the kitchen island and 17 new LED recessed lights in the remodeled space

May - (post Ironman)
- replaced / added new tile where walls were moved
- stained new cabinets to ALMOST match the existing (will be a project later to match all cabinets)
- removed carpet from office - refinished concrete and stained in a coffee color - sealed with clear epoxy
- painted kitchen (2 gallons)
- painted great room and entry way (2 gallons)


It has been a journey just since Ironman. Yes, I have been training - but I have found a balance with work and home improvement. I have to say that the early early morning workouts (3am-4am) EVERY DAY during Ironman training were both physically and mentally tiring.

Over the long weekend we did the staining on the concrete in the office, worked on the cabinets, finished grouting the tile and painted both the kitchen and the great room. We had not planned on painting but because the concrete prep was effort followed by a waiting period on multiple steps ... we just went for it.

I had a fantastic and fast 24 mile bike ride yesterday (1:03:20). I ran into Christian Bailey (a teammate) and we climbed Hummingbird together. He sprinted ahead at quite a clip. It was nice to have somebody whip me so soundly on climbing that hill. I can now train at a new level because I know he is faster than me. He did admit that it killed him to go at that rate. I have to admit that I was fine afterwards :-). I finished the uphill back to the house faster than I ever have - holding 23mph for a half mile with about 3% incline. Everywhere on the route I was at least 1 to 2 mph faster than I was pre-Ironman. This is just further proof that A) I am still a beginner. B) Long course racing is very different from sprint and middle distance. C) Ironman training is tiring.

Two sprint races over the next two weeks. I will be ready.


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