Friday, May 4, 2012

Here we go ...

A HUGE shout out to my new "real-life" friend DRog!

So DRog and I have followed one another's blog for a number of months. When I got back from my bike ride this morning - a nice guy parked right next to me asked if I needed some help moving my bike rack around. I said "Nah, I got it man ..." He says "How's the bike running?" I said "It's doing well." He's says, "Where are you from?" I said, "Arizona". Then I took a look at his face more closely and I said "Hey, are you DRog?" He says "Yeah, how do you know that?" I said "I am Bryonman."

Out of thousands of racers and on a random practice day - we ended up parked right next to one another. This is a great story that I will remember forever.

Woke at 4:20am yesterday and did a quick 7 mile run. Then we had breakfast and headed out to Highway 9. The destination: Zion National Park. I knew that place was awesome, but I clearly had no idea how awesome. Holy cow. Carrie and I have decided that we should plan a week long backpack journey through the park in the near future.

Last night was the Ironman welcome dinner. It was fun to see all the the people who have essentially had similar existences over the past 6+ months. I liked how many of the athletes had multiple family members with them. The mandatory meeting was less mandatory than I thought it would be.

After a very good night's sleep I had some breakfast and headed out to Sand Hollow Reservoir. The water is a great temperature for the wetsuit. The wind was high this morning so the water was choppy. I actually like the choppiness. It adds a level of interest. After the swim, I went out for a 30 minute bike ride. It will be a BLAST coming out of the water. Those first few downhills are 45 mph hills for me - without much effort.

On to bike check-in -

The positioning they assigned me in T1 is solid. It should be pretty easy to flow through and make quick work of T1.

T2 might be a bit of a different story - but since they don't have it all set up yet, I am not sure of how that is going to work. I may go back down there tonight to see how it will actually all work.

The logistics in all this is challenging but fun. I have all my bags ready. My special needs bags are probably over prepped with stuff - but you never know.

The shuttle to the reservoir leaves at 4:30 am. Time to get some rest - after I check in on my students.

I just noticed the night before last that this post is number 140 since I started the blog. I find it fitting that my T3 post for after the race will be number 141. It was not planned. I am not that clever.

Next stop - the St George Finishing chute. I should be so lucky. It's a charmed life I am leading and I refuse to take it for granted.

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  1. SO GREAT to see you today! that was awesome. Very excited for you and your race...have a GREAT day, enjoy / be smart / be strong...and be Happy! not many people can step onto the Ironman course...especially in St George:)