Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whole new level

So yesterday I rode 115 miles on the Computrainer.

Then I ran 13.1 miles.

That is a 128 mile day. This is definitely a new level for me.

The Computrainer. The simulation of the actual St. George course. There is 6000 feet of climbing. This is the third time I have done the simulation and I have also ridden the course in person. If you have not been on the Computrainer, I must note - there is no coasting. I literally pedaled for every mile. It is a fantastic workout.

The outlook is all positive. I am fairly familiar with both the run and bike courses. While I have not been in Sand Hollow Reservior ... I have already been in 57 degree water a few times this season.

The GREAT news in all this is that I feel absolutely FINE today. I don't have any soreness. I am not super wiped out. Carrie and I went for a 4 mile hike and then began demolition of a portion of the kitchen.

Back to the drink this week. Swim with form. Swim with intent. Swim like you mean it.


  1. Big day- good job banking a key workout for the IM ...&just a huge brick run after that bike.
    I am nervous for this course!

    1. Thanks DRog.

      I was freaked about the course too. Then I went there in person and rode it for myself. It has some climbing, but it is not as much climbing as "they" will have you believe. Actually makes it a little easier to eat and drink at times.

      Stick to the plan!

  2. You are ready! Really, from here rest is more important than training! Good work!