Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend and The Seville Sprint Tri

Friday was swim day. It was a good day. After a SUPER sluggish attempt to workout Friday morning ... I swam a mile and then worked on drills with the coach for an hour. It was a great session. I found out that my swim stroke has gotten way too compact. Imagine that. Me? Too compact. I ride compact, I run compact, so I guess I may as well swim compact too, huh? I will work on lengthening the stroke over the next four or five swim sessions.

Saturday morning was great. I woke around 5am, ate some shot blocks, grabbed my water and hit the road for an hour run. I didn't care how far I went. I just wanted to run for an hour. My new running area is such a vast improvement over the old neighborhood. I wonder how much it would have improved my fitness to be in the new place sooner? Oh well. It is what it is.

After the run, we went and grabbed a quick breakfast, did some errands, organized the new office and headed back out to Tempe to pick up my race packet for Sunday. To cap off the afternoon, we went for a three hour bike ride. I REFUSE to tell anyone where we rode because it is possibly the best training area I have found to date. :-)

Race days make me giddy. I was super-stoked for this race because I love the bike course and I tend to do fairly well at this race. It is the third time I have raced at Seville in Gilbert, AZ. I finally have a direct - apples to apples comparision of my progress from 2011 to 2012! I took almost 3 minutes off my 300yd swim. I took 8 minutes off my 15.4 mile bike. I also took 6 minutes off my 2 mile run time. Sure, I was third overall at the race and won $25.00 and a nice plaque. The best part of this is to compare my progress. At 38 years old I have been able to DRASTICALLY improve my fitness, focus, and speed. It is NEVER too late to start something new.

++++++ Mini Race Report for a Short Race +++++++

The swim - I almost missed my start slot! I was chatting with some folks and got wrapped up in conversation. I did not get a chance to warm up and get the stroke going. Mistake! I could have probably knocked another 30 seconds off the swim time if I had done the right thing and warmed up. Lesson learned. I only got passed two times in the pool today and I passed many many swimmers. Am I still slow? You bet. Am I improving. You bet. I enjoy the swim. I will get faster. 7:09 swim.

The bike - My intention today was to see how fast I could go on the bike and how long I could sustain that pace. The good news is, I accomplished that goal. I sustained or improved my pace on each lap of the bike. I drank a tremendous amount of water for such a short ride. I hammered a GU right at the midpoint of the last lap on the bike to prep for the run. 38:12 bike.

The run - Hot! It was probably already 90+ degrees by the time I hit the run course. Good thing it was only a 2 mile run with 2 water stations. I managed my breathing much better than last week and my pace shows. I did the 2 miler in 14:04. Considering how hard I went on the bike I am very pleased with my 1st mile pace of 7:10. My second mile felt even better at 6:54.

59:24 - 3rd Overall out of 29 racers.


I have done a reasonable job of resting a bit while still hitting key workouts over the past two weeks. This week I intend to up the time just a bit and do some more lengthy workouts at a slower pace. It will not be a 25 hour training week like I did at the beginning of April. I just don't want to be caught off guard by the volume of mileage at St George. The good news is that I know what an 8 hour non-stop training effort feels like ... now I just have to find out what a longer workout feels like. I am also pretty sure I know exactly how I will feel after I get off the bike in Utah.

Did I mention that my first Ironman just happens to include my first marathon?


  1. Great job at the Sprint Tri. You are super fit! I would make one suggestion, we have twelve days to go before the race. There is absolutely nothing that you can do now that physiologically will prepare you more than you're already prepared. Your body needs to lose all of it's built up fatigue. What you've been doing with intensity is fantastic. You are ready. I would be very cautious about doing any type of volume from here on. I understand the psychology of it, but the physiology is more important! In fact, if you shut down completely and did nothing for the next 11 days you would probably do better than if you put in extra volume. By the way, I'm not suggesting that. You should be seriously tapering. Again, you're going to do great at St. George. Save the volume for May 5th!

  2. Thanks for reading. I am flattered.

    Yes. This is twice that I have heard this about the "nothing more ..." so there must be some validity to it. You've been there so I know you know things.

    I crave volume for some reason.

    I guess I will get all I can handle in Utah.

    So - intensity "yes" volume "no".

    Got it.