Sunday, April 29, 2012

Split routines

Friday evening I came home from work and rode a quick 24 miler and then and built out the new hanging rod and shelf in the new closet. We began adding the skins to the new cabinets that we wanted to install on Saturday. I then took a stab and sawing and busting up some tile to set the base cabinets. It went pretty well. It is always a little unnerving to saw stuff up on a house you just bought ... but I've done it many times before. Then we watched a little Hulu and went to sleep.

On Saturday I rose after a nice slumber - rode 30 miles and ran 7. It felt awesome. Not a little awesome. Like ridiculous.

Then I started my split routine. We hammered, sawed, celebrated, played, laughed and accomplished. We successfully installed the cabinets. Other than the finish work (paint & baseboards) the kitchen is done.

I woke early Sunday and did quite a bit of bike maintenance chores. I WAS going to roll some super fast Michelins at St. George. I had a flat on Friday afternoon and sadly this flat was caused by a very small and less-than-rigid thorn. The Gatorskins I've been rolling for a few years do a great job of resisting thorns this size. I swapped back to the Gatorskins. The bike doesn't LOOK near as cool but --- a flat on race day due to a poor tire choice would be a mental error.

After additional household chores like cleaning and reorganizing some tools I headed out to Butcher Jones Cove for some open water swimming. It was great. We did drills and simulations. I swam in the wet suit for a little bit and then got too hot.

By the way Seth and Sarah from are great ambassadors for the sport of triathlon. I am lucky to have met them.

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