Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Pool think" ... has anyone coined this phrase yet?

The face hit the water at about 3:30am this morning. I slept hard from 9:45pm until 2:15am and by 2:16am I was ready to go. I swam for an hour and biked for another hour and made it home before 6:00am.

It's weird to be so wired at such an hour. I just went with it. I am going to try and keep from crashing early tonight.

So when I am in the water for an hour or more I need to give myself something to do. I have a bunch of random thoughts ... then I refocus on the techiques of swimming ... then I have more random thoughts. I am not even sure what I am thinking about, but it distracts me enough to finish the swim without scooping my eyeballs out with my goggles. Sidebar: I still hate chlorine.

On the bike today, I felt absurdly strong ... especially after an hour of swimming. I hope this absurdity carries over into Sunday.

I think I have all of my race gear finalized for St. George. It is quite a task just figuring out what works, what doesn't and what you think you need versus what you actually use. I believe I solved my latest problem of "dry eye" on the bike. I first noticed the dry eye on the Tour de Tucson in November. It actually caused wind burn that day and I couldn't see very well out of my left eye for about 8 hours or so. Yesterday, I bought some motorcycle goggles to wear in tandem with the new windshield on the aero helmet. Doing a marathon with an itchy and swollen eye socket would suck. Not to mention that it might be windy at St. George ... so add wind to the equation and I will be very thankful for the extra eye protection.

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