Monday, April 16, 2012

maRquee Olympic Triathlon

So I knew this going in ... but I want to type it here anyway. The olympic distance is stacked against the slower swimmer.

It was a beautiful morning. The water in Tempe Town Lake is nasty, but the temperature was pleasant. The 8:03am start time allowed for a little more sleep on race morning than normal. That was nice. What wasn't nice was the fact that the sun was peaking right over the horizon and right into my grill. My sighting was way off and the turn buoys were the same color as some of the course guide buoys. Weird. I ended up about 150meters off course and swam like crazy to correct it. The good news is that my 750 split on the second half of the swim was about 6 minutes faster than the first 750. I truthfully think that the course was marked too long because my garmin showed 1950 when I got into T1. 37 minutes to swim and get to T1- not bad - not awesome. Oh well, time to bike.

The bike went well. Nothing to say here really other than I drank about 60 ounces of fluid in an hour. I ate a powerbar, salt tablets and two GUs. I should have eaten an additional powerbar. Bike average was right at 22mph. 1:08. Time to run.

The run started off painful. My breathing was shallow and had to work to control it. The good news was that I was on pace. Mile 2 went really well. Mile 3 went okay. Mile 4 was slow. Mile 5 got better. I finally got in the groove right at the end of the race. 46 minutes for the 10K. Not the fastest I can go, but not bad at all considering that my previous best 10K run was a 1:07.

2:36:23 - 15th out of 47 in my age group. 84th out of 221 overall.

I have to do speed work again this week. I need to also stretch out a longish workout for each discipline during the week.

No injuries. Other than a little post-race soreness, I can't tell I raced yesterday. Maybe I should have gone harder.

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