Friday, April 6, 2012

HUGE weekend forthcoming

I am just going to go out tomorrow and see what happens. I guess that is the way life should be when at all possible.

I am set for the computrainer tomorrow morning. One final simulation ride of the IMSG bike course. I dig the computrainer rides. To me it is more mentally and physically difficult than the real ride. I'll post the stats on that ride on Monday.

After the computrainer, I will take off for a run. Again, I don't really have any plans other than - just stay out there as long as I can without getting injured.

Carrie and I are training together on Sunday afternoon. We have tentatively planned a trip up to Bartlett Lake.

+++++++++++++++++ Sidebar ++++++++++++++++++

I started having pep talks from me to me yesterday. At first it was a little strange. It was a track that was playing in my head. There were two voices. One of them sounded like an older me and the other the current me. Nothing was said aloud. It was very odd how the track flowed through my head without me influencing the conversation. Maybe I have been in the chlorine too long. The advice given was solid. The old me was telling the current me that in a month you get to REALLY see and feel your endurance capabilities. Some of the old me quotes:

"There's nothing else to train for a couple of months."
"When you think you can't go anymore, just go harder."
"You have spent over a year preparing for this."
"You are ready. You have done the work."
"You know for a fact that in some of the other races you have relaxed and cruised. There is no room for that in St George. Focus."
"Saving some energy is one thing, but getting lazy during the race destroys the work you have done."
"If you don't leave it all out there the memories will have a bitter taste when you recollect."
"You will have a negative split for the last six miles of the marathon. It is the best way to make sure that you left it all out there."

Weird? Yep. Fitting? Maybe. Funny? Definitely.

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  1. The track playing in your head sounds very familiar! This is normal. Just remember, you're about at the point where nothing else really matters. You're going to do the race, and your'e going to do fine.