Monday, April 2, 2012

Great weekend. Training. Cross Training. Domestic Guy!

So this weekend I managed to publish a couple of web applications, teach courses, build some laundry room shelves, trim the hedges, rake the leaves, install a bike rack to get some floor space back in the gear room, ride over 100 miles, hike 6 miles (with Carrie and the dog), swim in an open water swim clinic and watch a couple of movies.

This was one of the better weekends I have had in a while. There was more balance and more productivity. It felt good. Carrie was pleased with the accuracy and efficiency with which I built the shelves. My energy stayed up even though I battled some sinus issues yesterday.

This is my last week of long distance training before the tapering begins. I figured I'd start the week off right with a 15 mile run this morning. It was breezy and cool this morning. I loved it. I have always enjoyed running. The more efficient I get the more I enjoy it. I just have a few little nagging calf issues that I need to figure out. My pace was comfortable and my heart rate was low. I can't believe I can relax and just run for two hours straight. It seems so foreign. I like it.

33 days until St. George. Focus!

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