Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bizzee Week

Tuesday's workout was solid. I did 22 miles on the bike fairly rapidly and coupled that effort with an 8 mile run. I like brick workouts. They are good training because they feel more "valid" in terms of race day. It's one thing to go out and bust off an 18 mile run. It is quite another thing to ride 80 miles and THEN bust off even a six mile run. As far as fitness, nothing builds my conditioning better than the run. That is why I like the brick workouts with the longer run distance at the end. Those feel like the best workouts to me.

Prior to Tuesday's workout, the contractors were pulled off our house remodel project by the City of Phoenix. I was livid. Our remodel, based on my research and the contractor's advice did NOT require any permits. It turns out the city is really weird about permit requirements. For example, if I install a ceiling fan in my home the city requires a permit ... but if I want to gut and redo my entire duct work system for the HVAC that work does NOT require a permit. Simply put, I believe some neighbor got her panties in a bunch because we had some demolition materials neatly stacked in a trailer in the driveway.

After I whined and moaned for 12 hours or so about "how I didn't have time for this mess" ... I spent Wednesday morning at City Hall procuring permits. It was NOT looking good for Bryonman and his remodel permits in the beginning. There were a few tense moments before one of the engineers finally just gave in and walked off ... leaving the friendlier and more reasonable one to hand me my permits AFTER I handed him a sizable check of course. So yeah, the job resumed yesterday afternoon and the house is a dusty mess. All things considered, the process is going fairly quickly. Having spent 2007 and the first part of 2008 remodeling an entire house over in east Tennessee and doing the majority of the labor ourselves ... we believe we have gotten more wise about taking on such lofty tasks.

This morning I hit the drink at about 4:45am. I left the drink around 6:30am. Yes it was a long, slow but fruitful session in the agua. I worked on sighting and technique during the swim. Splashy McSlapwater was there again this morning. He was in after and left before me. While he is faster - especially when he wears his fins, I believe we have a mutual respect because I generally swim about 45 minutes longer.

Bike news! My headset was jacked after the race on Sunday. That is now fixed. It was a bad bearing. Two weeks ago, I sent one of my Spinergy wheels off for a warranty claim. Spinergy stepped up and replaced my wheel. No questions asked. No details given. Just a brand new wheel, a brand new tube, and a super-clean rear cassette! Now I just need to test it over the weekend to make sure it is really fixed. It should be, right? I so LOVE the super loud hub on those wheels. If you haven't heard them - they sound like a chainsaw on the downhills. It makes me feel faster!

Tomorrow is a big workout day. I am planning an early morning bike/run brick. Then Carrie and I have swim lessons with our swim coach tomorrow evening. It's going to be a good day.

On Saturday, we are planning a mid-distance bike outing prior to my packet pickup for the race on Sunday. Then we will do some remodel work on the house.

Anticipation ...

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