Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back to back posts

The three of us went hiking in the preserve last night. What a perk. I believe we have found our own little piece of paradise with the new house. The location is the key. The house is roomy and we will spruce it up over the next few years to get it fit to our requirements.

Woke at 3:46am this morning to prepare for a bike / run workout. I made some breakfast, did the dishes and was on the bike at 4:45am. I rolled through the neighborhoods at new speeds. I purposely did not look at the speedo or the Garmin during the whole ride and just rode like it was my job. The hills felt easier than normal. All systems are still working properly. With all the bike issues I have had, it is nice to just be able to get on and hammer out some mileage.

My Garmin must have sensed that I was not looking at it during the ride ... because it misbehaved during the first mile or two of the run. I was hammering about a 7 min/mile pace and it was saying I was doing a 14 minute mile. In mile two it said I was doing a 3 minute mile. I just turned it off and ran. Silly technology. :-)

We are hiking again tonight. Good times.

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