Friday, April 27, 2012

8 days out ...

So I purposely got out of bed late today. I am trying to get every bit of sleep that I can in order to rest up while still training to keep the fitness.

Yesterday I swam at lunch. It was a good swim. I felt very comfortable. I drilled, I swam slowly, I swam sprints. It was actually fun. There was a dude next to me using both paddles and flippers. My game was to try and keep up with him. I could keep up for about 50 meters - but without the paddles or flippers I could not sustain his pace. Either way, it felt good. He was actually a really strong swimmer - aided or not.

Last night I came home and hopped on the bike. I am digging on my setup. It took a while, but I feel even MORE comfortable than I did on the original Kestrel that I broke back in January. It was easy to sustain 23/24 mph on the flats. I did hill repeats of the steep on Hummingbird. I tried not to drop below 9 mph on any of the steeps. Fun but brutal at the same time. The key was that I could recover in only a very few seconds after a burst of power. Fitness!

I then became domestic guy again. Installing a bathroom cabinet and fixing a slow draining sink.

This weekend I will work all three sports at a very moderate pace. I will be domestic guy in some capacity too.

More later.

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