Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ups and downs of training -

So yesterday I was a little spooked about my calf soreness during a treadmill jaunt. Rather than completely wig out ... I took a deep breath and did a very difficult thing for me. I shut the treadmill down at 3.1 miles. I had planned on a 7:30 pace 6.25 miles. I then walked over to the foam rollers and rolled the calves until I got bored with it.

This morning I woke at 3:30. I had intended to crush about 40 or 50 miles on the bike before work. I got out the door around 4:30 or so after a breakfast and some zombie-like pacing.

Things were going pretty well. It was a little chilly so I took care of that by pushing the pace. I was headed north, which is slightly uphill from the house but I was still rolling out at around 20mph. Around mile 8 or so I heard the famous pop and violent hiss. Yep, a flat on a training ride. This time, I stayed calm. Usually I fume and stomp around. I worked through the flat change, adjusted the bike back to normal and headed back toward the house. Since I was without a spare tube I did not think it wise to head off into the remote parts of the valley at such an hour. Carrie would not be a huge fan if I woke her to come get me. :-)

Am I growing up? Maybe a little. I rolled with the punches after a couple of BLAH workouts during a time where every workout counts.

I decided to take my training bag with me to work and see if I had time to do some training during lunch. It turns out that a meeting was cancelled! Perfect. I am outta here. The gym workout was a little under and hour, but the intensity was through the roof and the run on the treadmill was calf issue-free.

Frankie says Relax!

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