Monday, March 5, 2012

Sinus and upper respiratory GUNK

So I have managed to overcome a funk ... again. Back around New Years I had a small bout of this whole coughing and wheezing thing until I lost my voice completely on New Year's Eve. I honestly think I have been carrying that mess around since then and just fighting through it.

Wednesday and Thursday were awful. I felt marginally okay but I could not breathe very well and I had zero energy. I stopped being a moron and went to the doctor. So I am now on my fourth day of some strong antibiotics. I can tell a major difference in my breathing. I haven't felt this much oxygen coming in since November or so. Being able to breathe is sort of important. I am back on track.

So let me catch up a bit on my training notes. Friday morning I did a marginally fast 5 mile run (I actually ran the 5th mile in 6:40 - the first time I have had a regular training run dip down into the 6s) followed by a 25 mile bike ride. I was going to run another 3 miles afterwards, but the antibiotics said no thanks.

On Saturday I rode 75 miles with quite a bit of climbing. 50 on the new Kestrel and 25 on the TT bike. I am still trying to decide between the two. The new Kestrel is comfortable and everything is dialed in correctly. It is not as fast as the TT bike. I will decide over the next two weekends which bike will go to Utah with me. At this point I am leaning toward the TT bike.

Yesterday I got up around 5am and prepped for my long run. I was nervous about it. This is the first time I have gone 15 miles since last January with Sally at the Rock n Roll marathon. I had done 14 right before SOMA in the fall. The goal was to stay below 140 on the heart rate.

In the end, it really did not feel like I ran 15 miles. I did it in a little over 2 hours. It was about a 9min/mile pace and the average heart rate was 136.

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a bike ride. I took the Kestrel again. I did the same route as I did on Saturday. I was much faster yesterday than I was on Saturday even though I had already run 15 miles earlier in the day. I ended up averaging a little over 19 miles per hour and again, I kept the heart rate super low - and there was over 1500 feet of climbing in about 24 of the 50 miles.

This week has to be one of extreme focus. We are planning things around the move to the new place. We are meeting with contractors to discuss some plans for the new house. I have a tremendous amount of work that is to be done this week AND I have to do my final preparation for the Desert Classic Duathlon. (3.5 mile trail run, 30 mile road bike, 3.75 mile trail run).

Stay tuned.

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