Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mixing things up

So this week I am getting in good workout duration - while getting a different mix of activities. I really like taking heavy things and moving them back and forth to ultimately put them in the exact same place. (Sorry - weight lifting just sounded boring).

Along with some weight training, I am getting some work in the form of demolition. We are removing carpet and some built-in furniture in the new place. Tonight I get to pull about 400 linear feet of 1970s baseboard.

I had a great spin session last night. I went at it like it was my job and it felt good.

This morning I swam for 30 minutes and then ran for a little over an hour. All of my foot issues have all but disappeared ... which is odd to me because I am picking up mileage. I suppose my frame is adjusting to the work. It just took a while.

Tomorrow I will do brick work - run/bike/run to be exact.

More later.

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