Sunday, March 25, 2012

Long, slow, and useful training

Good stuff. All systems are still go.

I zombied out of bed at 3:06am yesterday. I ate some breakfast, made some coffee and chased it with extra water. The weather was a bit chilly until sunup. I sat in the saddle and pedaled for 5hr and 20 min. 100 miles and between 5400 and 5600 feet of vertical climbing. I toured Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek and Carefree on my way back home. I saw countless critters including a cool looking spike buck. The sunrise over 4 Peaks was awesome (because I was already pedaling up the hills over there when the sun rose.)

Today was a bit different. I slept until 5:00am. About 5:45 I headed out on a 18 mile run with 6 GU packs and a water bottle. Well, it turns out that I actually brought 2 GU packs and ate one of them when I started. I figured that out at mile 7 when it was time to hit my next fuel. Crap! I have one GU pack and I am 11 miles from the end of the run. CONSERVE.

No worries. I felt good. My new Newtons (The Sir Issac Model) were protecting my feet quite nicely. I was a bit hesitant to take them on such a long run - but not anymore. These shoes are the best that I have felt in quite a few months. I will run in them at St. George.

At mile 11 - the plan was to run the two miles up to the park on Paradise Lane and refill my water. At mile 12 I realized that the park was not as close as I thought. In my defense, this was my first outdoor run since moving to the new place - but that is a really poor excuse. I kept going. I was almost out of water. The water stop still had to happen. At mile 14.5 I finally refilled the water. I was 6.5 miles from home. I had one GU. I ate it.

Remind me to tell the story about the hard candy.

So my 18 mile run with 6 GUs turned into a 21 mile run with 2 GUs. I made it. I kept my heart rate under control and worked through it. Turned out to be a good run. I was still about an 8:30 per mile average.

Have a great Monday.

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