Friday, March 23, 2012

Good training week - looking forward to the weekend for many reasons

Hello again.

Just a short update today. All systems are still "go". This is the first week I have felt "strong" in about a month. That is probably because I no longer have the sinus infection and I made a slight tweak to my food intake.

After Wednesday afternoon's outdoor cycle went so well, I decided to follow it up with two hours on the spin bike yesterday morning. Today I swam 3000yd in about an hour which is good output for me. Relaxing is the key.

Slight sidebar. I have been fortunate enough to swim next to this dude at the gym on several occasions this year. We have never spoken. We are both in the pool to get it done and get out. Although, it seems he swims as his only mode of exercise. Nothing wrong with that. What I have noticed though is: A) He is MUCH faster than me in the water. B) He uses all the gadgets (paddles, fins, buoy etc.) C) He has a very much "windmill" arm motion - with arms straight and vertical overhead during the stroke. D) He is super aggressive with the water. E) His flip turns are good F) He slaps and splashes like crazy. Since we have never spoken, I have named him "Splashy McSlapwater". He and I must look hilarious in the lanes next to one another due to our vastly differing styles. That and he laps me fairly frequently. In my defense, I am usually in the water 30 minutes before he arrives and am still there when he is done.

Anyway, happy Friday!


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