Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feel strong - feeling more relaxed - egocentric monster?

I was more anxious a few months ago than I am now. I think the little angst I had was more about not knowing if I could manage to get through the training and get through it without major injury.

I don't really like how self-centered I sound right now. This whole endeavor is one of selfishness. This is not new information. It's just the fact that I am now staring that egocentric condition square in the eyeballs that it makes me hyper-aware. The good news is that I am a bit selfish by nature, so I am equipped to handle the load.

Am I a machine/robot? No. Am I an animal? Not anymore than anyone else that pursues this journey. Am I focused? You bet. Most of all, I have learned what it REALLY means to push myself.

I really anticipated that this past weekend would do me in for at least a day or two this week. Actually, the opposite happened. I went to spin last night and crushed about 25 miles in a little over an hour. At times, I was riding the spin bike with the maximum load while staying in the saddle ... for minutes at a time. This is not a big deal to some people, but year over year this is a vast improvement for me.

I can't say enough about Yoga. I am so rigid by nature that a Yoga practice will be part of my life going forward. It is so awesome.

This morning, I spent 1hr. 29min in the pool. Good enough for 4500 yards of swimming. Am I swimming at a blinding pace? Nope. Will I make the cut off at St. George? With that pace, most certainly.

Domo arigato from 'Mr. Roboto'

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