Monday, March 5, 2012

Answering the same question a little differently

So on more than one post in this self-centered blog I have tried to answer the question ... "Why Ironman?" I now have a better answer. I have an answer that goes eons beyond swimming, biking and running. It is an expression of a belief that I guess I have followed for some time now.

Core belief:

I believe in continual improvement with a desire to change through learning.

Based on this I can see two things very clearly. 1) I will always be a busy person. 2) I have already accomplished the important things related to the pursuit of Ironman.

This is bigger than target times. This is bigger than hours of exercise. This is bigger than mileage output. For that matter, this Ironman journey is much bigger than being a more efficient triathlete.

It is about the change. My mom said it during our visit to Kentucky over the holidays ...

She showed me a photo of myself from about 2001. I was down to about 235 pounds from a high of 260. "This is the best medal you won", she said as she pointed to a photo she had taken of me earlier that day. Athletic achievements aside, this was the best thing SHE was getting out of my triathlon experience. Sure, she has always been proud of my athletic endeavors ... but what she got from my change and effort is a healthier son.

Those people that REALLY know me know that I stay fairly busy in life. That is by design. What gets me sometimes is when I make new acquaintances and we start to get to know one another they are often surprised about all of my "jobs". I think this is a good thing. I guess that it means that I do not come across as wigged out or stressed. Either that or the fact that they are shocked that a slow-talking dude from Kentucky is allowed to do the type of work that I do.

What triathlon training has taught me is that I and everyone else on the ORB are capable of so many things. As busy as I am, I can do SO MUCH MORE. Here's the proof. I added 20 hours of exercise to my already busy work week and I am doing well in everything I do. It is not just a fluke either. I have been training like this for about 10 months now.

Thanks to everyone around me that make life worth conquering.

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