Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wow - time is flying by

It's February 7th? Wow. That means it is less than three months until St. George. I am in the phase where every workout MUST count. In fact, every workout must be the correct intensity level.

It is less about the mileage or time than it is about the practice and preparation. It is about building the muscle and tissue strength that I need to endure 140.6. It is about the nutrition. It is about the science. It is about the support from my family and close friends. I guess it is about everything and nothing at the same time. I mean, really? I am going to go out and "exercise" for half a day straight. Better still, I am PAYING a corporate machine a nice chunk of change to do it. Unless it is YOU doing it ... does anyone else really care? It's okay if people don't care. I care. It has brought me a much needed change in my life.

Looking back to January of 2011 and the decision to start this new push to "be in shape" I started the journey for the WRONG reasons. The good news is I did start the journey. Then about two months into it, I was hitting the infamous wall that I always hit. Timing is everything. The company health assessment happened in early March. I had been working out and eating better. I was still 210+ with a 42 inch waist and high blood pressure.

The definition of psychosis is NOT "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - but I do like this statement. I made a change. I buried the know-it-all and I asked for help. My two best decisions in that phase were to get a good nutritionist and to start a routine. As soon as I asked for assistance things began to change. I followed the rules very closely. So closely that I earned the nickname "robot" over the summer.

I still have MUCH more to learn. I am so open to trying new exercise and experimenting with fitness and nutritional ideas that everything is valid until I prove it otherwise via my own trials. This goes SO FAR beyond triathlon. This is a lifestyle that I will adapt for the remainder of my time.

Oh yeah - and this morning I was in the pool at Oh-dark:thirty. It makes me laugh to think that as recently as September of 2011 I could not really swim 100m in the pool without a long break. Today I swam for an hour with only one 60 second break to adjust my goggles and get a drink. Unbelievable. The best part of this workout was that I went into spin class where they were doing a sprint workout and got in about 50 minutes of cycling after nearly 3000m in the pool. SOLID!

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