Thursday, February 16, 2012

Working hard - efforts are paying dividends

Every week is a revelation. Every day is a revelation for that matter. I am learning to take things in stride - good, bad, or indifferent. I suspect many folks that train up for a 140.6 have "fits of metaphor" during the journey. For me, I think I have already accomplished what I want from the quest. I think I just wanted to grow up a little bit more and gain some perspectives on fitness, diet, routine, and individuality.

I have grown to respect situations of close friends and family that have much more to bear. It's not that I feel pity for their lot in life because both they and I would resent me for that stance. I think it is the strength I see in a few folks that drive me to lead my individual existence in a more "adult appropriate" fashion. I became somewhat of a grown-up around 2004. At 31, I think it may have taken me a little longer than most to become who I am. Now, nearly eight years later I can pinpoint life events that have instantiated change (good or bad). This Ironman journey is a GIANT yellow brick in my life road.

Speaking of bricks [applause for the segue] ... I had four workouts yesterday. I started the day at my friend and mentor Dan's spin class. It was tough. I have done five or six spin classes with Dan and yesterday was about the toughest. At lunch, I swam a 500m sprint with an 800m cooldown. Last night we hit the gym for a Penny Bailey spin session. It was also a tough ride. Immediately after that spin session, Carrie and I jumped back in the pool and each knocked out a good swim session. Carrie did the 2x drill while I worked on L1 and L2 endurance swimming for 1300m.

And yes, Killer Tuesday was indeed killer. I lifted weights, did spin and then yoga to follow up. I did not sleep well Wednesday morning ... so I was up from 1:30am on Wednesday until about 10:00pm. I slept fine last night. I guess I should have with all the training. :-)

What is on tap? A new day ... "Therapy Thursday". A weight lifting session, followed by yoga and then a 13.1 mile run. On Friday morning I have to do my long swim for the week. It is a full 4000m. It will take me forever ... I just need to work on staying focused.

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