Thursday, February 9, 2012

Volume and Intensity Increases

So "killer Tuesday" fit her moniker this week. 4+ hours of training. Two intense cycling classes ... nearly 2 miles in the pool ... 45 minutes of weight lifting and an hour of yoga. That used to be a good week of working out. It makes me smile.

In yesterday's morning session I swam a relaxed 1000m in about 21 minutes. Then I biked 12+ miles in 32 minutes and topped it off with a 1 mile treadmill test of my running. I cleared myself for take off. After work, Carrie, Baron, and I did some hiking over in the McDowell mountains. We arrived home around dark. Baron and I suited up for a run. I took him with me to about mile four and then Carrie met us at the park to retrieve him and they walked home. I ran another four miles and it felt good.

I had intentions of training this morning. I woke at a little before 4am. I did a few chores around the house (dishes, cleaning, etc.) and realized that my upper back and shoulders were a bit sore and constricted. I cancelled my morning swim. I will do the long swim in the morning. This is my first day off since January 27th ... so it is probably about due.

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