Monday, February 20, 2012

New Personal Best over the weekend

I had a great weekend.

For 15 hours of it ... I slept. On Saturday - except for two brief bathroom breaks I slept hard! For all of my ability to recollect memories, I cannot recall a time in my entire life where I slept more. Even the dog made fun of me for sleeping so much and he sleeps almost all the time.

Saturday morning's riding session was great. 6000 feet of climbing on the simulated St George course. Thanks to Joe at Sonic Fitness, I had a great ride. I welcome the challenge of the 140.6 on that course. That said, I still have two more months to train. I just have to stay focused and free from injury.

Yesterday I did a 20 mile "sprintish" ride + an 8 mile run + a 5 mile walk to cool down. I had a "decent" run on Thursday which left me a little underwhelmed. Yesterday, my wheels returned and had a good solid run with declining splits throughout the 8 miles. I finished off the run with a 7:20 mile. 8 miles in 1:01ish. I will take that for a brick run.

This week. A little less time spent ... but a lot more intensity. Happiest of Monday's to you.

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