Sunday, February 26, 2012

My 1st Triathlon of 2012

It was early. It was chilly. I wasn't as nervous as I thought.

I socialized a little in the first few minutes I was in transition. It was more than just idle chit chat ... it was fun hanging with a few of my new amigos.

Then I disappeared from the crew. I sank down into lawn chair next to the steamy pool and propped my legs up. It was on. Cold and lonely? Maybe. Focused? Definitely.

I got in the water about 30 minutes prior to my start. I swam, I focused on my stroke. I practiced a few turns at the wall. I watched the others swim. I watched the people who swim much better than I ... and watched the ones that struggled. I remember being the one that struggled. It was not that long ago.

Go time! I hit the water with too much pent-up energy. My stroke was a little short and off time. I settled in after a few lengths. Then the traffic started. I was passing people. People were passing me. The turns at the wall were like a crowded yard sale - sans the awkward pleasantries like "excuse me" "after you". 10:47 - time to bike.

The bike has both transition times attached to it. So I think I did the acctual 12.6 mile bike in about 31 minutes. I pushed pretty hard on the bike. I rode the same distance on this course in July and today I was 3 minutes faster. I will take it. I am not a big fan of the bike course. It is either slightly uphill or slightly downhill in each section of the 3 mile loop. I did NOT get passed on the bike today and passed more than several folks. Total bike time with transitions - 35:50. I get to run now.

I felt really strong on the run today. I usually have a tough time for the first mile. Not today. I attribute that to the fact I have been doing long runs on the brick workout days. I don't think I went as fast as my time shows on the run, but it is more official than my watch. I just kept turning over the legs and going faster. I was passing people everywhere. I think I may have been passed about 4 times total on the run. I usually get passed a bit more than that. Total time - 25:34 - (a 6:25/mile pace)

500 yard swim - 12.6 mile bike - 4 mile run - Total time 1:12:13. 1st place out of 10 in the 35-39 age group. I was 20th overall out of 95. It was fun to watch the ASU triathlon team, but they took up some space at the top of the overall.


  1. Sounds like a very strong finish, Bryan - well done! How do these times compare to your targets for the May Ironman?

  2. The swim and bike times are probably somewhat comparable. The 2:06 / 100m time in the swim - I have pulled similar averages in my 4000m swims in the pool. The 22 mph on the bike is comparable to the 111 mile average from the Tour de Tucson. The run ... different story. If I pull anywhere over 20mph on the bike in May my run will be slower than a 6:25/mile pace. Realistically I will probably be 8 minute mile pace for the marathon.

    Good question. You just wanted to prove you were reading.