Friday, February 3, 2012

It is already February.

... and then I looked up and it was February.

What just happened? January disappeared. I didn't even get a chance to accidentally type or write "2011" on any forms.

I suppose being busy is a good thing. It keeps me out of trouble, right?

The training since the half marathon has gone surprisingly well. This week signified the beginning of my first build phase. I have taken the challenge. I have pushed the intensity this week in my swim and cycle workouts. This week will end up as the biggest training week since the weeks leading up to the 70.3 in October. The big difference now is that I am doing more mileage and while I am tired it is not an all out fatigue like I had in the last build week prior to the SOMA race.

I did do a brief jog on the treadmill this morning. It is true what they say ... (they being the triathlon training experts) it takes a little while to recover from a well-executed half marathon. My calves can attest to this recovery process. Funny enough, the first few days of soreness were in my quads and hamstrings. That soreness was mild. The calf soreness is a bit north of mild. I'll live.

I have an 85 mile bike ride tomorrow and an 8.5 mile trail run on Sunday. I will probably get in another longish swim too.

Have a great weekend!

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