Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good week - better weekend

So Build week #1 went really well. I completed over 17 hours of training this week. I had four really productive swim workouts. I was on the bike six out of seven days. I walked a whole heap to try and recover more quickly from the 13.1 from last weekend. I did do a nice 8.5 mile trail run today after a spin session on the bike.

The walking is staying in the system. It is good for the dog. It is good for a cool down.

We also cleaned up around the house and continued to pack for the pending move. The excitement is building for the move. We are ready. Someone should warn the new neighbors.

Build week #2 promises to be even more work. I am ready for the challenge. I think I will be healthy and recovered completely by the end of the week.

I am also starting to build into my first sprint triathlon of the season ... and I also have an A race around the corner in the form of the Desert Classic Duathlon. One calendar year after the race that really ignited all this madness and I am ready to compare my performance. Granted - the distances of the Duathlon are different from last year, but I should be able to compare how I feel and the paces.

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