Friday, February 17, 2012

Faster in the water - energy reserves at about 3% this morning

Yeah sure, I had a fastish swim this morning despite the fact that I was running on almost empty. The third build week is about to close and while I have experienced much success it is time for a break.

I have two more training days to go this week. Tomorrow I am simulating the St George bike course on the CompuTrainer at Sonic Fitness. I am scheduled for a 95 miler for my long ride this week. We will see how it goes. I have committed to Carrie that she and I will ride tomorrow too. I NEED to do both of those rides. I need to "food up" today and tonight to make sure that I have maximum glycogen load for tomorrow. This is a good test of my fitness.

Another good test of my fitness comes early Sunday morning. I have my long run. I am going to get out at Oh Dark 30 and get it done. Then I can maximize some rest time prior to hitting it hard again on Monday evening.

My first triathlon of 2012 is on February 26th. The JCC sprint. 500yd swim, 12.6 mile bike and a 4 mile run. An ecclectic mix of distances. It will be a good test of my new swimming and running capabilities. Therefore, much of next week's adventures will be focused on shorter distance and speed ... so my total time of workout will be reduced. I also have a Lactate Threshold test of my swimming. I have not yet decided when I will do that work.

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