Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy week ... good timing

So after three weeks of fairly intense mileage and hours ... I took this week a bit easier. It was good timing. Between teaching classes, running errands, working, training some and closing on the new house - I still had to choose my time wisely.

Monday and Tuesday were my typical output - training-wise. Wednesday I took my first day off in over 20 days. We went to the Suns game for Murray State alumni appreciation night. We learned that there are roughly 190 Murray State alums living in Phoenix. Only a few of us showed up for the game.

Thursday I had my second Lactate threshold test for the swim. I swam the 1000 meters in 20:54. Unlike the last time I did the swim test, I hopped out of the pool and jumped on the treadmill for a 4 mile sprint on an incline. I ran the 4 miler in 28 minutes. I held 10 miles an hour for a half mile and then 11.2 miles per hour for the last .25. I guess I almost did Lactate threshold for the run too. :-)

Last night I had a deep tissue massage. My back, neck and calves were all jacked up. I felt good this morning. I resisted the temptation to go the gym. This rest week will pay off for me as I slide into another 3 week build phase on Monday.

The new Kestrel bike frame is built up to the point where they need to me size the fork for me. I can't wait until it's built. I will post photos.

Tomorrow I will ride a quick sprint ride and maybe jog a bit just to do some system checks. I have chores, packing and work to catch up on.

I get to race Sunday! The first triathlon of the year - and the first one since December 3rd. I will be a little nervous.

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