Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to the long swims

So at 3am I put my face in the water ... I did not stop until 4:30am. Such is the life I suppose. Swimming is my least favorite of the three. I do not think it is the exercise, or the difficulty I have. I think it is the surroundings.

Here I am trapped in a box filled with noxious gasses, questionable water and even people at such an early hour. I rather like swimming for the mental focus it requires. I like improving. I do NOT like itchy skin, turning at the wall every 25 meters, chlorine smell and boredom. An hour and a half in the pool is still a good workout.

I can't wait to get into some open water work. I am not complaining. Just voicing some thoughts. Ignore me.

The house deal is closed and we have the keys! We are excited. We are going to take it slow and move in gradually. We are going to try and finish up the last bit of "purging and organizing" that we need to do so that we can 'just live'.

I am going to spend this week meeting with contractors, working, teaching, and getting ready for the Desert Classic Duathlon that happens on March 10. Run, Bike, Run!

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