Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where are my gills?

In Waterworld, Kevin Costner's character "the Mariner" had gills and webbed feet as a adaptation to the water bound world around him.

Where are mine? I spent a tremendous amount of time and mileage in the pool this week. Guess what? I enjoyed myself and gained more confidence in the water.

I have had two weeks in a row of really solid training even though my running has been limited.

Congratulations to all my friends that ran the PF Changs 26.2 and 13.1 in Tempe, AZ today. It was fun tracking you all from afar. I must admit that I have no interest in dealing with all the traffic and parking woes to get to and from that race.

I ran tonight - 3.15 on the treadmill. Very slow pace but no real pain the foot either. Cranked the last .15 at about 9.5 mph. Shhhh -- don't jinx it.

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