Friday, January 6, 2012

Minor foot problems - otherwise great training week

Yeah - so I went out did a brick on Monday. What I failed to mention was that I felt some sharp pain in the ball of my left foot toward the end of my run.

I tried to run on it on Wednesday. That was a no go. It was not debilitating. In fact, I don't even feel the pain until I get up near a reasonable running pace.

I changed out my shoes and added some padding today and ran a slow 5K with Baron after I swam and biked. It went well. I felt strong but I held myself back because I do not want to anger this issue.

Then I fessed up to the coaches about the situation and they were NONE TO PLEASED with me. I was told to stop running and get an XRay. I just love training so much and everything is going so well I am afraid to disturb the groove. I know ... everyone is correct but I feel good and I want to go. I am going to do the right thing.

I am excited that Carrie is going to try and do some of my cycle workout with me this weekend. Her knee is going a little better so we are going to try and get her some mileage. Wish us luck!

I started a new job on Tuesday. So far so good. Already accomplished some usable work that is going in to production on the web site soon.

22 days until my 13.1 race. I am eager to return to form. This injury is minor. It will not hold me back long. I promise. Meanwhile, I will bike and swim.

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