Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just about what I figured.

So the foot injury slowed my training earlier in the month. I was concerned about the foot going in to the race this morning.

It was cold and windy on the drive out to the FAAAAAARRRRRRR west valley. It was a great place to run.

The route for the 13.1 was an out and back with about 300ft of elevation gain out to the turnaround. The GPS charts are misleading. At about mile 8 there is a weird sensation that you are climbing and my time on that mile shows it.

My range of pace was between a fairly rapid 6:51 per mile and a somewhat sluggish 7:51 per mile. I finished in 1:37:21. This was my first 13.1 that was not connected to a triathlon. My other race-based 13.1 was at SOMA and it was a 1:54 something.

I was 33rd out of 241. I was 4th out of 17 in my age group. (3rd place guy was 10 minutes in front of me --- ha ha ha)

If not for the couple of weeks of slowed training ... I probably could have accomplished the 1:30. I am at peace with the time - because it is pretty solid.

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