Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was a cool, cloudy and windy day in Phoenix ...

Thursday evening I struck out to swim for 90 minutes straight. I accomplished that goal. I ended up swimming somewhere between 2.1 and 2.3 miles. That is the closest I have come to the full Ironman distance in a straight swim. It felt okay. I have definitely had better swims ... then again those better swims were of MUCH shorter distance. I will take it.

On Friday, I took my lunch hour to run a 10K. It was a treadmill run. It felt good. I was done in 47 minutes. I am happy with that time. I have one more long run and two shorter speed workouts prior to the half marathon next weekend.

Today I did a fun segmented ride with a Triple Sports team meeting mixed in the middle. I ended up riding a little under 50 and I felt good. I made some adjustments to the Specialized time trial bike and it was MUCH more comfortable. I just MAY consider riding it at St. George. I need a few more weeks and some longer rides on it to make my final decision.

Spinning three times and riding outside twice this week has really perked up my fitness. I am pleased with my progression. The training is getting tougher but easier at the same time.

Full steam ahead.

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