Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I beg you to read this ...

This article is amazing ... in the worst kind of way.


If you are not into clicking on links then I will sum it up for you.

"Queen of comfort cuisine Paula Deen confirmed to Al Roker Tuesday that she has type-2 diabetes."

This woman has grated on my nerves since she plopped onto the scene a few years back. I let it slide thinking that I was being petty and that some people do like that act she puts on. I blame people like Nancy Grace for that super-fake southern bell garbage.

But now - the gloves come off. Bryonman has something to say about this flippant attitude toward health. To me, this is like the smokers of the world that suggest "we are all gonna die anyway".

My friend Seth is a smarter man ... here's what he says.

"We owe it to ourselves, our family, and our friends to take responsibility for our health. If we are not healthy, we cannot provide and care for those we love. Instead we force them to care for us. Eat well, exercise, and take care of yourself mentally and emotionally.

Living foolishly and expecting no bad things to happen is reckless. Expecting medication to fix diabetes or any other health problem after you've done a lifetime of damage is worse. Don't get to that spot in the first place.

Well said Seth.

Having grown up in the south, Carrie and I were / are surrounded with the choices that our families made when we were children about diet. Yes folks, Twinkies, little Debbie’s, donuts and sugary cereal do taste GREAT to children and most adults. It was NOT just meat and potatoes growing up. It was lard, preservatives and way way way too many bad carbohydrates and calories. The difference is that this was the 70s. Our parents did not have the information that we have today.

For a public figure like Paula Deen to come out and suggest that she refuses to change anything about her diet and diabetes is absurd. Contrary to your southern wisdom Ms. Deen - this is a death sentence. Medication is not the answer. You are 64 years old. Act like it.

Why do you care Bryonman?

Well, to me it is a painful thing. I spent 12 years being an athlete trapped in a body that drew a picture of my unwillingness to make correct choices. At 37 - I finally grew up a little. I started making much better choices with my food. Take away triathlon and I would still be 25 pounds lighter than I was last January because I am executing on what I have KNOWN for years about nutrition.

I struggle with proper food choices daily - even today. The struggle has decreased over the past eight months or so, but I speculate that I will continue to have issues with this for the rest of my long life. I welcome the challenge.

I feel like I have added 15 QUALITY years to my life just in the past year. I was headed down the wrong path. 225-230 pounds and 5'11" tall with a 42 inch waist is not a good place to be - no matter how hard you try to hide behind the "big-boned" garbage.

That said I still have work to do. I still have a few pounds to shed. I have to say this again to clarify my stance and purpose. NONE of this triathlon journey is about vanity, fame, fortune, athletic prowess or arrogance. What it is about is confidence, change and health. I have so many things I WANT to do before my expiration date that I refuse to limit those items because I like bear claws and Barq’s.

I am not one to spout and spew without solutions.

1) If you want to change your health and appearance, start simple. Change one thing at a time. If you drink a two liter of soda per day ... drop that first and leave everything else the same ... etc.

2) Healthy food is NOT more expensive. Healthy food is more filling in most cases and thus your meals go further. Oh and use some logic - what is more expensive ... a slightly higher monthly grocery bill or constant medication and trips to the doctor for diabetes? Do the frickin' math.

3) If we ALL change one thing in our diet and exercise habits - it is my bet that our health care system would improve and our overall success on the globe would improve. This is a land of choices, so empower yourself to make the correct choices. The Internet is awesome. Do some research.

4) Cooking is too time consuming and messy. Bullcrap! Get a crock pot and then start scouring the Internet for recipes. It is amazing. Slap some items in the Crockpot - leave for work - come home to a dinner that is easy and nutritious. The house will smell good to boot.


If my tone is offensive in this writing - stop reading. I have never watched Paula Deen's show and I am done ranting about her. I could change the channel before. However, with her proclamation about her diabetes I could not, in good conscious, let this slide. I have family members that watch her show and that cook like her. I wanted needed to voice my concern. Am I being judgmental? Probably. Do I care? Not really.

I love life. I am learning to like myself more and I want everyone around me to read and absorb this. The 140.6 journey is making Bryonman into a new person. He will be more likeable, more genuine and easier to be around.


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