Monday, January 2, 2012

Hill work brick today

I am going to ease back into my hill work. I made it down to South Mountain today. I think most everyone else in Phoenix was there too. It was crowded. I rode up to the towers in about 27 minutes on the Tri bike because the roadie is in the shop with frame issues. Then I rode out to the end of San Juan and back to the car for a 20 mile ride with about 1000 feet of climbing.

Then I drove back home and set out on my run. It was warm today in Phoenix. I had a decent run. I kept the pace very managable. I am trying to train my body to burn fat calories rather than just live off sugars. I think it is learning. There's nothing like 13.1 miles of running to give you some time to think.

I have already run more miles in the two days of January than I did in the whole month of November ... because I was focused on the bike. Time to give the legs a break and work on the swim.

Have a good Tuesday!

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