Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feels good again ...

Aside from some lingering soreness, the foot seems to be improving. Knock on skull.

I hope to get my scheduled four days of running in this week. So far, so good. This will be my first four day running week of the year. I had a fantastic December, running-wise but I think that is why the foot thing happned. A little too much too quickly.

I have been on the bike every day this week. I am working my way back up to pre-Tour de Tucson levels by doing spin intervals. I enjoy the bike. Have I mentioned that?

I swam a whole heap last week, so I thought I would get de-chlorinated a bit this week. I will be in the pool an equal number of days, but the mileage is reduced while the intensity is increased. I have a whole "build then endure" concept I am working with ... beyond normal periodization.

Starting to get amped about the half marathon on January 28th. The first race of the year ... and my first ever stand-alone half marathon race. I was on target to hit a 1:30 prior to the foot deal. I will probably be a little slower than that but I believe I can still finish in the 1:40ish time frame. My 13.1 time at the Soma half ironman was 1:54 - so I definitely want to beat that time.

Weekend soon! Get out and do something.


  1. Great job getting in the hours on the bike and in the pool. No worries on time for the stand alone half mary you will have plenty of opportunity to post a time in that type of race.....After IMSG! for now slower is better.

  2. Good point! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You definitely put me to shame. Excellent job. Hope the foot makes a 100% comeback.