Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fatigue but success

Boy am I tired. I have not felt tired like this in a few months. That means I am working at a whole new level in my training. That and I have all but removed ANY junk food from my diet. During my training I feel strong ... but in between those efforts I am wiped. This is apparently the story as one's distance and intensity increase. It's just new territory for me.

I have NOT taken enough rest days this month. I think I have four days away from training. On two of those off days I have hiked or walked. Therefore, I have taken two days off out of the last 26. It is time for some rest. I am still learning. This one I am learning the right way ... through my own experience.

Other than being fatigued, which is par for the course I chose, I am having a tremendous amount of success. I am getting more comfortable in each discipline. My swim is constantly improving. My bike continues to stay strong and get faster and my run went from almost non-existent in November to 30+ miles per week until the foot issue.

I have dropped about nine pounds this month. This is probably contributing to my exhaustion. My body is trying to adjust to the new level of training AND the further tightened diet screws. I am hovering now around 185. I will easily be at my goal weight of 175 - 180 prior to St. George. I think I will even have time to allow my body to adjust to the new weight prior to the big race. The issue I was worried about has dissapated ... my power is still there. Losing the extra weight did not effect my ability to generate bursts of speed.

I am taking a necessary day off today. Carrie and I are going for a massage. My hamstrings and hips are tight. I am then going to visit Simon B. for a sports chiropractic session on Friday. I will probably jog a mile or two tomorrow evening to remind my body that we have work to do on Saturday morning.

More on Saturday evening.

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