Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dialing it back a bit - on purpose

This week has been nice. I am purposely decreasing the training duration and working on intensity.

Sunday I walked with Carrie and Baron. That was the extent of my training. My legs thanked me for that. Last week was the fourth busiest training week I have had ... probably ever. The other three weeks that were busier were the weeks leading up to the 70.3 in October.

Yesterday I went to the pool at Oh Dark 15 and did a paddles, sprint and endurance swim workout. It felt great. I immediately hopped on the treadmill and worked my way through 8 miles in 60 minutes.

This morning I went to the pool again and sprinted out a 550 meter swim in about 10 minutes. Then did another 1000 meters to cool down. It was a good swim this morning even though I felt sluggish.

Today is a traditional killer Tuesday ... so weights, spinning and yoga are on tap after work. I am going to work on the foam roller a bit for my hamstrings and quads to start getting them ready for the half marathon on Saturday.


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