Monday, January 30, 2012

Build Phase Begins with Recovery

St. George Build 1 begins with a little recovery. I am still very happy with my half marathon. I earned that time. I worked pretty darn hard. I went out a bit too fast on a few of the mile splits, but overall I raced smart and avoided injury. I did not avoid soreness. :-)

I will work on the swim, the bike, Yoga and weights this week. I do have a trail run to do on Sunday. It is not a race and I will jog the 8.5 mile loop.

I have some new strategies to try in the pool. I am still improving and I love progress. I want to get to where I am completely comfortable at a 2:05 100/m pace. Right now, I am comfortable at about a 2:15 average over a mile long swim. Fact is, I am comfortable at 2:15 for the full 2.4 miles. I am also going to venture back into the idea of Masters swim sessions ... as nerve racking as that is to a noob swimmer.

I am looking forward to my long bike session on Saturday too. It is an 85 miler. I am probably going to get up bright and early and get it out of the way so that I can focus on organizing and packing up for the move.

The close date on the house is February 27th. We are stoked. It will be nice to be in an ownership position once again. I must admit, it has been a good thing to be a renter to allow us to recover from remodel, repair and upgrade tasks. I guess we really do like home improvement projects and owning is really they only way it makes sense to do those little projects (economically speaking).


  1. Nice work on the half marathon run! and even better news on running smart, avoiding injury, and setting yourself up for 3 months of solid training...


    1. Thank you. I appreciate you giving me feedback.